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Kids Klub Spring 2020 Lego and Miracles

Lego Kids Klub Scenery

Our Spring 2020 Kids Klub was sadly cut short, due to keeping everyone safe during the Covid-19 Pandemic. But before that happened, we were able to have a few fun weeks with our Lego and Miracles Theme.

One of our favourite activities ...........

Saplings Soars

Rocket cards made at Saplings

We've been having a great time since the New Year in Saplings. We've introduced more crafts and are enjoying making new friends.

When you walk in the room there's a happy babble of parents chatting and children playing. We& ...........

Youth make yummy stuff

Working together to make delicious designs

Our February Youth Night was all about decorating cakes.

Sabrina brought several techniques and the ingredients to make them and after showing the group what to do, we left them to their imaginations.

An extra bit of fun ...........

Santa visits Saplings

Nanas are allowed to meet Santa too

At our last Saplings of 2019 we had a game of pass the parcel and then a visit from Santa.

Everyone from our newest 3 week old member to toddlers got a present. Mums and Nanas lined up to have their picture taken with the man in red. O ...........

Kids Klub Autumn 2019 - Toy Story and Friends in the Bible

Winning a prize for best behaved

Leading up to Christmas our theme was Toy Story and Friends in the Bible.

We had a movie night, made alien, bonfire and Jessie hat cakes. We even made pizza.

We also played lots of fun games like Toy Story Skittles and ...........

Skylight circus has youth in a spin

Throwing a diablo high

To launch our youth club after summer break we invited the fabulous Skylight Circus, to come and train us on some circus skills.

They showed us how to balance, spin plates and use diablos.

Many got the hang of throwing p ...........

Bungee and Burgers youth finale

Sabrina tries out the bungee run

For our final youth meeting before the summer holidays, we finished with a bounce quite literally!

We hired a bungee run from the fabulous fun-time inflatables and spent the night racing against each other.

While we wait ...........

Sumo and Sushi

Fight to the wall

In June 2019 we introduced our monthly Youth Nights.

On the Second Thursday of each month, we'll have a themed night of fun and fellowship.

The idea is just to get to know each other better and have a safe place to b ...........

Kids Klub Summer 2019

Daniel and circus stage set up

Ou Kids Klub leading up to the summer holidays had a circus theme. We also learnt about a man in the Bible called Daniel.

Daniel was famous for many things including making friends with lions in a den, eating only vegetables to show a ...........

Kids Klub Spring 2019

Our lab ready for experiments

For our theme leading up to Easter, we revisited spies and robots.

We looked at various Bible characters and of course Easter. Throughout we did wacky experiments, made fun crafts and played games.

For our prize giving w ...........

Ranger Rob visits Youth Group

Stef meets Betty the Boa

To start our Youth Drop In with a fun session we invited Ranger Rob to bring some of his animals for the hour.

This is his third visit to branches but his first to Youth Drop In. He brings interesting animals and is very knowledgeable ...........

Kids Klub Autumn 2018 - Secret Life of Pets, looking at Genesis and Christmas

Secret Life of Pets Scenery

In Autumn we had fun with our Secret Life of Pets theme. All the leaders dressed in animal onesies.

We learnt about Genesis and Christmas and watched a bit of the film each week.

We had lots of fun with animal related ga ...........

Kids Klub Summer 2018 - Under The Sea and the Travels of Paul

Under The Sea

In our summer 2018 term our theme was Under The Sea. We battled evil Octopi, made yummy edible sea gardens and played lots of games.

We learnt about how Paul travelled around the Mediterranean and what he got up to in each country. ...........

Kids Klub Spring 2018 Camelot, Moses and Easter

Bean feeding competition

We had lots of fun with our Castle, Maid Marion and Nancy Night as we learnt about Moses and Easter in Spring 2018.

Games included shooting shaving foam off faces with water pistols, bean feeding and spaghetti relay races. ...........

Kids Klub Winter 2017 Pirates, Joseph and Christmas

Our amazing pirate ship

We had a lot of fun on our Pirate Ship in winter 2017.

We followed the life of Joseph before half term.

We played lots of messy games with Captain Hook and Gonzo, including making banana cocktails with our feet and makin ...........

Kids Klub Summer 2017 Star Wars and the Early Church

Darth Vadar is ready for anything

Our Kids Klub Summer theme was Star Wars and we learnt about what happened after Easter to Jesus and the Early Church.

During the term we did lots of fun games and activities including making Princess Leia Cup Cakes and Ice Pop Light S ...........

Kids Klub Spring 2017 Shrek, Jacob and Easter

Stef shows off her Shrek ears

For our Spring theme we enjoyed lots of Shrek based activities. We also learnt about Jacob and then after half term Easter. We made stew to take home for tea when we learnt about Jacob and Esau. We made some fantastic Easter Gardens from cookies and ...........

Kids Klub Winter 2016 Jungle, Bible Animals and Christmas

Welcome to the Jungle

Our Jungle theme was all about animals in the Bible. we looked at sheep, donkeys, lions, snakes and camels.

In the last few weeks we looked at Christmas.

The highlight of the term was a visit from Ranger Rob and his ani ...........

Kids Klub Summer 2016 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Unusual People in the Bible

Our Chocolate Factory

Our Charlie and the Chocolate Factory theme was great fun with lots of chocolate based games and crafts.

Our Bible Theme was 'Unusual people in the Bible' and included stories about people such as The Lazy Servant, Nicodemus, C ...........

Scriptural Snacks

The Treasure in the Field

In 2016 we continued the idea of teaching Sunday School and cooking with a series on the parables.

This time we covered The Treasure in the Field, The Hidden Treasure, The Prodigal Son and The Sower.

We also made pizza ...........

Kids Klub Spring 2016 Frozen, Bible Kings and Queens and Easter

Our Frozen set

Our frozen theme saw us making lots of crafts based around the film.

Our Bible theme was Kings and Queens and we looked at Esther, David, Solomon and many more.

Towards the end of the term it was Easter and we learned a ...........

Kids Klub Winter 2015 Minions, Elijah and Christmas

Our Minions set

We did a lot of shouting 'Banana!' this term as we did one of our favourite themes - Minions.

We had great games such as Minion skittles and made cup cakes with Minion faces.

We learnt about the Prophet Elijah an ...........

Kids Klub Summer 2015 Heroes and Bible Heroes and Baddies

Spiderman Pinata

Our Summer 2015 theme was heroes.

We looked at heroes in the Bible such as Gideon and Elijah, and lots of baddies such as Achan, Herodias and Eglon. ...........

Sunday School Snacks


During 2015 we followed a book in Sunday School which told Biblical stories using food.

Each week we would read a story, look at it's meaning then cook something related.

Our projects included The Wise and Foolish Bu ...........

Kids Klub Spring 2015 Lego, Jesus' Life and Easter

Our Lego Land

In Spring 2015 everything at Kids Klub was awesome!

We had a Lego theme and looked at the Life of Jesus and Easter.

A special friend was kindly lent to us by Howard Wilkinson from New Life church and was very popular wit ...........

Kids Klub Winter 2014 Toy Story, Bible Friends and Christmas

Mr Potato Head and Jessie

We all dressed up as characters from Toy Story to do this winter's Kids Klub.

We had Kath - Mr Potato Head, Bethea - Jessie, Jan - Wheezy the Penguin, Stef - Barbie and Lucy/Kathy - Aliens.

It was a great theme with ...........

Kids Klub Summer 2014 Red Riding Hood and Parables

Our end of term party with Paul Michael

In summer we had a fairy tale theme with Red Riding Hood. We had a big bad wolf and Stef wore a long red cape.

On the last week we had a fabulous party organised by children's entertainer Paul Michael and his wife Donna.

Spring 2014 Spies, Knowing God and Easter

The Master Spy creeps around

This term we had a Spies theme.

The scientist Doctor Doctor was building a robot to help mankind but the evil Master Spy was always trying to destroy her good work.

In the end though Master Spy saw the error of her ways, ...........

Kids Klub Summer 2013 Under the Sea and The Life of Paul

Under the Sea Nets

In summer we looked at the Life of Paul and visited each of the countries he did as we travelled the Mediterranean in our Under the Sea theme.

Kath was amazing as Ursula the Octopus each week doing Kids Klub in a costume made from stuf ...........

Kids Klub Spring 2013 Camelot and Moses

Drinking through a sock

Our fun theme for 2013 was Camelot and our Bible stories were about Moses. ...........

Kids Klub Winter 2012 Pirates, Joseph and Christmas

Gonzo the Gorilla on our Pirate Set

We had a great time in our last term in Great Howarth College when we did a pirate theme and looked at Joseph.

Regular characters were Gonzo the Gorilla and Captain Hook and those who lost the game had to walk the plank! ...........

Random Acts of Saintliness

Car Was for Shelter

We want to see our youngsters grow up to be kind, caring people, who think of others and put their faith into action. One of the ways we are encouraging this is for them to perform tasks which benefit someone else.
Sometimes it is as simple as ...........