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Crafts for children

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3D Star Mobiles View Download

Make pretty stars to hang from your tree or string together to make a mobile

Advent Calendar View Download

Make a lovely Advent Calendar so you can countdown to Christmas

Alien cup cake View Download

Make a cute alien cup cake, that looks like those funny guys from Toy Story

Basket Weaving View Download

Make a colourful basket to keep your trinkets, pens and pencils in. You could give it as a present to a grown up to keep their desk tidy.

Bonfire cup cake View Download

Celebrate bonfire night by making this amazing, colourful bonfire cupcake

Bottle Garden/Jungle View Download

Make a cool garden to take home and look after

Brick Biscuits View Download

Make some yummy biscuits which look just like your favourite toy bricks

Candy Cane Poem View Download

Decorate a poem and take home a candy cane to give to someone you love

Ceramic candle holders View Download

We're all about light at our party so we're making these lovely light house candle holders

Chocolate log View Download

Make a tasty Christmas treat - a yummy chocolate log, decorated with chocolate and Christmassy sweets

Christmas Card View Download

Make a lovely Christmas Card to take home for your family

Christmas Cracker View Download

Make a Christmas cracker, with hat, joke and toy to use on Christmas Day!

Christmas Puppy Stocking View Download

Make a cute stocking for yourself or your dog! These will look brilliant hung up at the end of your bed ready for Christmas

Clown Cup Cake View Download

Make these scrummy clown cup cakes. Fun to make, yummy to eat!

Clown Popcorn Cup View Download

Make a sweet clown cup with some yummy popcorn. Then when you've finished it can be a pencil holder for your table!

Cone Christmas Trees View Download

Make a yummy Christmas tree from an ice cream cone and sweets

Cress Heads View Download

Decorate a pot with a funny face, then plant your cress seeds and take them home to watch them grow

Donkey Ears View Download

Make a fun pair of donkey ears to wear on your head

Donkey from a bag View Download

Make a fun donkey puppet from a paper bag !

Donkey Mask View Download

Duplo printing View Download

Print your own colourful patterns using bricks

Easter Garden View Download

Make a pretty garden which reminds us of the resurrection

Edible Under Sea Garden View Download

Make a completely edible sea bed. Yum!

Egg Carton Daffodil Card View Download

Make a lovely daffodil card for your family

Face Painting View Download

Finger print characters View Download

Make some lovely finger print designs

Fire Hat View Download

Tongues of fire on your head

Fishbowl Lamp View Download

Make a lamp that looks like a fishbowl to use as a nightlight

Footprints Prayer View Download

Make a nice picture of the famous poem to take home

Fruit Kebabs View Download

Make a delicious fruit kebab. Choose your favourite fruit and add some marshmallows, for a healthy treat with a cheeky twist!

Invisible ink picture View Download

Design a lovely picture with candle wax and paint

Jellybean Prayer View Download

Treat yourself to some jellybeans and decorate the prayer with them to remember the colours of Easter

Jessie hat biscuit View Download

Make a delicious Jessie hat. Great to look at, even better to eat.

Light Saber Pops View Download

Make a great holder for your ice pop. It stops your hands getting cold and looks like a light saber!

Lion Masks View Download

Make lion masks using paper plates

Marshmallow TIE Fighters View Download

We don't normally like the dark side to taste good, but these TIE Fighters are yummy!

Mr and Mrs Potato Head View Download

Make a great potato head stick puppet - what bits will you choose

Nativity Story Wheel View Download

Have fun colouring and take home a cool way to remember the Nativity Story

Painting Pebbles View Download

The children use their imagination to think about shapes

Palm Crosses View Download

Peg Dolly Angel View Download

Make a pretty peg angel to hang from your tree or stand on your window sill

Photo frame View Download

Still need presents for your family? Make this fantastic Christmas photo frame and draw a picture to go inside that your family will love.

Pine cone angel View Download

Make a lovely pine cone angel to hang on your Christmas tree

Pizza baps View Download

Make scrummy pizza, with your favourite toppings

Pom Pom dogs View Download

Make a toy dog that looks like Gidget from Secret Life of Pets

Pom Pom Sheep View Download

Make a fluffy sheep you can hang from your tree or keep for your bedroom

Praise ribbon View Download

Make a great streamer to help you dance around to your favourite tunes

Pressed flower book marks View Download

Good exercise for lessons involving planting or creation

Sail Boat View Download

Make a boat that can sail on water

Sock Puppet Dog View Download

Make a dog sock puppet to take home and cuddle. Which style will you get?

Sock Puppets View Download

Make a zoo full of animals; which is you favourite animal?

Stain Glass Cross Card View Download

Make a lovely Easter card to give or put in your window

Stain Glass Cross Window Decoration View Download

Make a pretty stained glass cross to hang in your window

Star Lanterns View Download

Swirly Snake View Download

Make a fun swirly snake to hang up in your bedroom