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Ice Breakers  

Animal charades View Download

Can you hop like a rabbit, swing like a monkey or slither like a snake? In this game you're not allowed to make a noise, but your friends have to guess who you are.

Animal pictionary View Download

We've a great big piece of paper and some paint. Win points by drawing your best picture of the animal you chose. Can your team guess what it is?

Apple Bobbing View Download

Can you get the apple out of the water just using your teeth?

Arm Wrestling View Download

Who is the strongest in the room? Get in the arm wrestling final by beating your opponents.

Chinese Whispers View Download

Will the phrase make sense when everyone has passed it along, or will it sound silly?

Count the stars View Download

How many stars can you spot?

Deal or no deal? View Download

Take the sweet, open the box

Dizzy Stick View Download

Spin around, spin around, spin around - walk in a straight line - if you can!

Dog food eating View Download

Would we make you eat dog food in Kids Klub? How fast can you spoon it in? what if you had to take it from someone who was blind fold? Messy!

Etch-a-sketch Pictionary View Download

Draw on our amazing water doodle mat, where picture appear magically with the special pen. Can your team guess what you have drawn?

Famous Faces View Download

How many of the distorted celebrities can you name?

Feely Bag View Download

Demonstrate your trust! Have we put anything to horrible in the bag?

Find the Object View Download

There are objects hidden all over the room. Can you find them? Will they be something worth finding?

Flour Pie View Download

Be careful when you cut this pie, if you knock the sweet off the top you'll have to put your face in it!

Funny faces - animals View Download

We have prepared some funny animal pictures and they're all mushed up. Can you be the first to work out which animal you're looking at?

Hang man dress up View Download

Work as a team to guess all the letters in our verse. If you can't guess correctly you'll be dressing up as a clown!

Hanging monkeys View Download

Hang the monkey carefully on the tree. If you make the tree shake your team loses!

Hot dog eating View Download

It's not hard to guess what you have to do in this game. Run the relay and eat the hotdogs with your team. Don't forget the mustard or tomato sauce!

Human trees View Download

Are you willing to stand in our vaseline suit and be a tree. Are you a super fast sticker? Put the leaves on your tree and win the competition!

Identify the poo View Download

Yes really we mean it. Sniff it, look at it, examine it but don't eat it! Some of it is the real deal and we want you to tell us what animal did it!

Jam Sandwiches View Download

Can you make a jam sandwich whilst blindfold and feed your friends ?

Jelly Tower View Download

Building a brick tower is easy right? Not if the bricks are jelly!

Laser obstacle course View Download

Be careful climbing through the lasers, don't set off the buzzer!

Mallet Mallet View Download

Think before you speak! If you repeat, say no or yes, you'll get a bop on the head!

Memory Tray View Download

How good is your memory? Can you remember any of the objects on the tray? If you can you'll get a spot!

Mummification View Download

Wrap up your mummy as fast as you can. Remember the team with the most covered mummy will win.

Nerf Gun Duel View Download

Take aim, get ready, fire! Exactly what it says - get ready for a Nerf Gun Duel

Obstacle Course View Download

The children demonstrate how they have to trust and listen to each other to make it to the end of the course.

Octopi in sauce View Download

Baby octopi are slimy enough, but we've covered them in tomato sauce! Who will be brave enough to lick it off?

Paper Palm Trees View Download

It's not difficult to make a paper palm tree and we'll show you how. But the spots will go to the tallest one and that takes skill!

Pass on the picture View Download

Copy the picture you are shown carefully, your team will have to guess what it is.

Pass the Object View Download

Can you slide the key along behind you without being spotted?

Pass the Parcel - Letters View Download

Spell out a word when all the parcel is unwrapped

Pick a stick View Download

Choose a straw to see if you have won

Pictionary View Download

We've a great big piece of paper and some paint. Win points by drawing your best picture of the picture you chose. Can your team guess what it is?

Pin the goggles on the minion View Download

Pin the star on Woody View Download

Can you put Woody's badge in the correct place?

Pin the tail on the donkey View Download

The classic party game. Be blindfold and get your donkey tail as close to the donkey's bum as possible!

Playdough pictionary View Download

You'll need all your modelling skills for this game. Take our colourfu playdough and make an animal that your team will be able to guess the name of.

Queen of Sheba View Download

A trick to play on someone with a sense of humour

Simon Says View Download

Listen carefully, because if you do an action when Simon didn't say it, you'll be out!

Statue bottle flip View Download

How good is your aim? Can you flip a bottle so that it stands on it's end?

Statue Wrap View Download

We have a large roll of tin foil for you to wrap up a friend to look like a statue. The fastest and best wrapped will win!

Strong Man View Download

Be like an Olympic power lifter and add to your weights until you can do no more

Sucking Straws View Download

Chocolate is yummy, but you can only eat our treats today, if you work in a team and feed your partner with the straw!

Swallow the snake View Download

Ready, set, swallow! We've got giant jelly snakes and we want to see how quickly you can eat them! They taste yummy too!

Sweets under Cups View Download

Can you beat the leader and see where the sweet ends up? Keep a close eye on the cups.

Target Practice View Download

Score as many points as possible in three balls. Our inflatable target is lots of fun!

The Claw View Download

Grab a prize from our special crane machine. You get to keep it, but the team who grabs the most prizes grabs the points too!

The Lion's Mouth View Download

Test your aim by feeding our hungry lion with ping pong balls.

Tin Can Alley View Download

Knock as many cans down as you can by firing our super duper Nerf gun at them!

Turtle Race View Download

Who am I? View Download

Can you guess the job by asking the right questions. Lots of fun people to choose from.

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Object Talks  

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