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These are aimed at adults, for drama and stories for the whole family, please look under Children's Resources


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Blindfold Trust View Download

Can you spot the light from the torch, even with your blindfold on?

Chalky Footprints View Download

To show children God is always with us

Choose a present View Download

Following Jesus is the best way

Choosing good friends View Download

Learn how the people we hang around with affect us

Crumpled paper View Download

To show children how sin affects us and how we need God to sort it out

Don't Worry View Download

Everyone is special to God View Download

Learn that God does not discriminate against anyone, no matter who they are

Friends Rub Off on Us View Download

Giant present View Download

To teach the children to praise God each day

God is always available View Download

God made me unique - fingerprints View Download

To show children how special they are

In Hot Water View Download

Jesus can use bad things in our lives to make us stronger

Ink Trick View Download

Sin makes us dirty Jesus makes us clean

Marshmallow Wisdom View Download

Match the super power View Download

Jesus was a superhero

Missing pieces View Download

To encourage children that they are important in God's family

Newspaper cross View Download

Make a cross by folding a tearing newspaper

Salt and shake crisps View Download

To help children understand we need to be salt and light

Testimony View Download

Training for God View Download

Why we go to church View Download

Learn how it's important to keep going to church

Words come from the heart View Download

What's in the box? Will it be what you expect or a bit of a surprise?

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