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These are aimed at adults, for drama and stories for the whole family, please look under Children's Resources

Coming Ready or Not

Fred and Bert are getting on with their lives. Are they ready for what's coming?

Bible Reference: Revelation 14:6-20

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Our fight is not against flesh and blood

Knocking down the walls that prevent people seeing Jesus

Bible Reference: Ephesians 6:12

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Praying the Promises Through

God answers our prayers, but we need to be persistent

Bible Reference: Daniel 10:1-21

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Very Superstitious

Sally is superstitious about everything. Does it make sense?

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Kids Klub Registration

What happens when a small boy arrives at Kids Klub for the first time

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Kylie and Cameron the Camels find the right Spirit

Kylie tries to explain the Holy Spirit to Cameron

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An Ecumenical Meeting to Discuss a Project

Committees are far more spiritual these days

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The Baa'd Shepherds

Modern twist on the Christmas story featuring the baa'd gangsta rapper Sean Sheepy Sheep

Bible Reference: Luke 2:8-20

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How to do evangelism (not)

Bert teaches Fred how to do Street Evangelism

Bible Reference: Colossians 4:4

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What really happened at the first Easter

Jesus was not asleep in the grave, He was winning the battle!

Bible Reference: Revelation 1:18

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Kylie and Cameron the Camels learn about Easter

Cameron loves Easter, for the chocolate and the bunnies. Kylie explains there's more to it than that

Bible Reference: John

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Kylie and Cameron the Camels view the Wisemen's presents

The Camels look at the presents the wise men have for Jesus and they are not impressed

Bible Reference: Matthew 2:1-12

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The Weakest Link at Easter

Anne Robinson introduces a special edition of The Weakest Link, featuring the disciples just after Easter

Bible Reference: John

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The Wise Guys

Bud and Guy Wise have seen something unusual in the sky and discover some ancient prophecies

Bible Reference: Matthew 2:1-12

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The Wise Men Learn Greek (and discover a star)

Pantomime type version of the Wise Men story complete with custard pies

Bible Reference: Matthew 2:1-12

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Play ideally done with puppets, very interactive with water squirting etc.

Bible Reference: Genesis 6:9-22

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The Good Samaritan

Interactive story

Bible Reference: Luke 10:25-37

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Life and Death according to Cedric

A story about how several men called Cedric approach life and death

Bible Reference: John 14:1-12

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