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Saplings Term Time Wednesdays 1:30pm to 3:30pm Free

The role play area is a classic favourite Saplings is our friendly, relaxed, baby and toddler group.

We have a great range of toys, for every preschool age. A play mat and rocker chairs for babies to sit and play on, a ball pool, tunnels and tents, a slide and the old favourites, kitchen and dressing up.

At Saplings there's plenty of space to play We put out different crafts or construction toys (e.g. duplo) each week, for variety.

We also have healthy snacks, juice and brews for grown ups to help themselves and their little ones to. Sometimes we have unhealthy snacks too!

Caitlin loves the crown she made at Saplings Baby and Toddler We're a small group with plenty of room to play, ride and run. Our grownups are friendly and welcoming and we want you to feel you're at home, but with more space and no tidying up!

The slide - our newest piece of equipment and one of the most popular